Blog Writing Tip For Begginers



                Blog Writing Tips For Beginners

              As technology has its massive reach nowadays, use of it is inevitable. One of the fast growing thriving technology to strengthen our business and to increase your                ROI is Digital marketing which plays a vital role in the marketing field. If you chose your career in digital marketing, then it is essential to develop your blog writing skill which drags the attention of customer’s results in the development of your business.

              Is Blog Writing Is Necessary For Your Business                              Development?

Of course, since the blog is marked as your company’s most valuable marketing tools, which build trust with your customers, generate leads, educate customers, and building brand awareness, It plays a vital role as SEO is considered which is more essential in business development.

The best company blogs are engaging, deliver value and align with the company’s business strategy. The content you develop for your blog will help you deliver a consistent brand message.
it ’s often challenging to consistently publish valuable and engaging content.
                As Blogging takes the second most popular method of increasing leads.

             Here some of the Steps to be implemented to make your               blog unique:

1.  Writing down ideas all the time:

To begin with, make a habit of writing your own ideas as they occur to you. Practice yourself to write at least 10 ideas a day, which improve your writing skill. Many eminent writers followed this step which made them publish valuable and captivating blog creating a loyal audience to their blog

2.   Start with a  story :

      Stories always create memorable aspects of our life, so start writing stories that convey your thoughts in a memorable, engrossing way, using words sounds and images. Stories pull people in and help dispel doubts. . If you’re just about to start a blog, keep this at the forefront of your mind. Become a memorable writer by integrating stories into your blog post.

3.   Develop an easy-to-follow outline:

          After creating your story making a juicy flow of your content is necessary resulting in the development of an easy-to-follow outline.  The outline is not a big task it is all about headings or title, the major points that you want to make in the body. First, start with Introduction and conclusion part which gives you a clear vision

  Why Outline?

                 As Time is considered precious we must always find a way to reduce the time which outline does by “revision process, reducing the possible need to be rearranged once you’ve written them”. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, even successful blog writer, always begin with an outline,   which makes life easier

How Introduction should be?

Introduction to your blog  post  should  be  compelling,  which  guarantee  the reader in studying at least 65% of  your content, if not the whole thing 
·       Body of your content should describe major ideas with some bullet point with appropriate keywords in the subtitle
·        Conclusion always have a gist of your content

    4.  Read other great writers:

          Reading other great writers, make you write a better post. Reading it inside and outside of your industry. It is one of the most vital blog writing tips you need to memorize and put into action. Reading other writers blog will give you more innovative ideas in which you can develop your own innovative blog spontaneously. Make sure that you pay close attention to style and mechanics, and then develop a unique style for yourself.

5.  Find Relevant Question and Start Answering Them:

                          As the beginner write a blog post that answers questions.
You can become a better writer and actually built a loyal Audience by answering questions on your blog, this is one of the vital techniques to be followed to improve traffic to your blog. Make sure that your subheadings and bullet points answer the question.

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